Mahendra Nath Gupta: “M”

All yoga masters are unique in their own ways. Many have colorful backgrounds with interesting stories. Some are miracle workers. Others speak and write with profound wisdom that lasts for generations. As true Gurus, these masters lead their disciples along the path to enlightenment. But no one knows how many disciples have themselves become masters….Read More


Jesus’ Message of Love

Quiet Karma adheres to the Indian tradition of honoring saints of all faiths and creeds. Jesus of Nazareth deserves this recognition. No other human being has made his influence more known in every corner of the world. You don’t have to be a Christian to know that Jesus existed. Christmas is the day traditionally recognized…Read More

Śri Anandamayi Ma

Ānandamayī Mā

Keeping company with saints is one of the best ways to help us focus on our spiritual path. Saints help us realize Divinity within ourselves as well as others. They lift us up. We come to them with the desire for wealth, pleasure, and worldly gains. But saints demonstrate the true value of human life—an…Read More

sai baba shirdi

Sai Baba of Shirdi

The young man was an odd sight when he first appeared under the neem tree. The place and time: Shirdi, a tiny village in India, mid-1800s. Clad in rags, he sat in meditation for hours, oblivious to the world around him. The village children thought he was crazy, and they threw stones at him. But…Read More

adi shankaracharya

Ādi Shaṇkarāchārya

Saint, poet, philosopher—and reformer. These words all describe a young man born in 686 A.D. Few others have made the far-reaching influence of Shankara. Without knowing, you might also be following his teachings.

Śri Sarada Devi

Śri Sarada Devi, Holy Mother

Śri Sarada Devi, known to her devotees as Holy Mother, was born in a tiny village in West Bengal, India, in 1853. She was the eldest daughter of a poor family. As was the custom in those days, young Sarada was betrothed when she was a child to the man who later became known as…Read More



Reading about the lives of saints is one way that we can learn important spiritual teachings. Stories about events in saints’ lives show us how to apply the lessons they learned to our own struggles. Saints lead by example, and to the degree that we are willing to learn, we follow their examples. This month’s…Read More


Every year thousands of pilgrims flock to Ālandi, the home of India’s most revered child saint. Jñāneshvar, also called Jñānadeva, lived more than seven hundred years ago, but his memory is secure in the minds of spiritual aspirants. The story of Jñāneshvar’s life, from birth to the unusual circumstances of his death, is unforgettable. Religious…Read More

Studying the Lives of Saints

The Benefits of Studying the Lives of Saints: Part II

Studying the lives of saints inspires us along our spiritual journey. We learn about the possibilities of our own achievements through their examples. Part one of this article defines a saint and explains the value of hero worship. A saint, by the Eastern definition, is a human being who has achieved spiritual enlightenment. You might…Read More

Studying the Lives of Saints

The Benefits of Studying the Lives of Saints: Part I

Some people believe that living a spiritual life is austere, difficult, or unpleasant. Not fun at all. They think, “That’s the price you must pay until you reach the summit of eternal joy.” If you think this, then I’ve got good news for you: nothing could be further from the truth. It’s true that enlightenment,…Read More

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