The Best Time to Meditate

The winter months are behind us now. The days are growing longer and warmer. Winters have a quiet feeling, while nature rests. But spring inspires us to get moving again. There is increased energy in the longer hours of daylight. And we start to think about summer’s activities with our homes, families, and friends. Every…Read More

spiritual journaling

Spiritual Journaling

Meditation is a powerful practice on the spiritual path. If you meditate, you will evolve intellectually and spiritually. On this lifelong journey of inner growth we learn constantly. Everyday life and events provide opportunities to apply your knowledge. And you grow in wisdom every single day. But it’s not always easy to see your progress….Read More

World Peace vs. Inner Peace

It seems that people are concerned more about world peace than ever before. At least that’s what I gather from the snippets of news reports that reach my ears. I even hear murmurs about the imminence of World War III. However, today’s political unrest and social strife are not unique. I know this because I’ve…Read More

making meditation a priority

Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment: Making Meditation a Priority

When I was a young girl, a new world was emerging for women. Women had already won the right to vote years earlier. Society was beginning to accept women in roles traditionally held by men. They could become doctors, lawyers, and astronauts. As a woman-to-be, I was encouraged to think and dream big. I was…Read More

the charmed life

The Yamas – Rules for Living a Charmed Life

Have you ever noticed that for some people, “everything is coming up roses”? In other words, they live a charmed life. These people always have everything they need. Prosperity drops into their laps without effort. They have more than enough time and money, friends, and good health. They live their lives and let blessings rain…Read More

peace and happiness through meditation

Peace and Happiness Through Meditation

Please welcome Modesto Briseno with a guest post on achieving peace and happiness through meditation. Greetings. My name is Modesto Briseno. I look forward to each article that Svāmi Chityānanda gives us. We are longtime students of our beloved Guru, Svāmi Gurupremānanda. I thank Svāmi Chityānanda for allowing me to share some of my thoughts…Read More

mini meditations

Mini Meditations: Enhancing Your Practice

Convinced of its benefits, meditators are always on the lookout for ways to improve and increase their meditation practice. It’s okay to be a glutton for goodness. When we’re happy and peaceful within, those qualities rub off on others. Our personal meditation practice is a subtle—but powerful—way to make the world a better place. Most…Read More

the mind and mental housekeeping

The Mind and Mental Housekeeping

It’s common knowledge in today’s world that meditation is beneficial. Everyone is doing it, from Oprah to elite athletes, from preschool children to doctorate candidates. The benefits of meditation have been studied by scientists for decades. Spiritual aspirants have been meditating for millennia. Yet despite knowing the value of meditation, many people fail to practice…Read More

get your meditation practice back on track

How to Get Back Into Meditiation

Whether you’re new to meditation or have been practicing for years, it’s almost certain that someday you’ll need to get back into meditation again. Everyone has lapses in their practice. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes life gets in the way of even our most treasured activities. It’s difficult to continue a normal routine…Read More

self-inquiry who am i

Self-Inquiry: Who Am I?

As thoughtful and conscientious people, we want to live our lives well. Today I’d like to introduce a very simple technique that you can use every day. It doesn’t take any time. You can do it while driving to work, taking a shower, or washing dishes. Practicing this technique will guide you from within. The…Read More

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