श्री गुरुदेव

Today’s world is full of information. We can know so much. What was once considered secret can be found on the Internet within a few minutes. Yet true wisdom is difficult to experience. This is especially true for the subject of yoga. All the secrets of the great yoga Masters are posted on the World Wide Web. But I don’t see the world any more peaceful, loving, or compassionate because of the Internet.

Yoga is not easily known or experienced by words alone. Spiritual realization does not come by reading books and taking courses—it comes by doing spiritual practices. The real secrets of yoga are discovered within one’s own self, through years of dedicated practice and introspection.

The guidance of an illumined Master is also needed if a seeker is to avoid obstacles on the spiritual path. In genuine yoga, lineage is very important—the transmission of knowledge from Guru to disciple. How can one be a Master if he has never been a student?

Svāmī Chityānanda Sarasvati has been my disciple since 1975. She has experienced the Truth. That’s why I’m pleased that Svāmī Chityānanda has created this website. I review each article that she writes for Quiet Karma. Her passion for living yoga as a spiritual path is evident. The articles are written with clarity and compassion as she explains how to apply yogic teachings in day-to-day life.

May all who visit this site be blessed with true spiritual insight. May you discover your own inner source of happiness and peace of mind. May you realize the truth of the central teaching of Baba Muktananda, my own Guru: “Honor and worship your own Self. God dwells within you as you.”


Svāmī Gurupremānanda Sarasvati
December 31, 2017

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