introduction practice of silence

An Introduction to the Practice of Silence

Our home lost power several times last year. Everything running on electricity stopped working, and the house became eerily quiet. When the power outages were lengthy, I began to appreciate the silence. Then I wondered, “What would happen if I could as easily switch off the noises in my head? Would I cease to function…Read More

anandamayi ma quotes fault finding

The Habit of Fault-Finding: An Obstacle on the Path

Success on the spiritual path depends upon one thing—the sincerity of our intention. Our desire to find peace leads us to the path. Sincerity keeps us there. The Katha Upanishad tells us that the spiritual path is like a razor’s edge. Yogic texts and masters promise success in yoga. By sincere and focused effort, we’ll…Read More

yogananda quotes

Yogananda’s Inspirational Quotes for Meditation

Don’t you just love to be around happy people? Is there a person in your life whose presence is always uplifting? Someone who fits that description is my workout buddy, Rick. When Rick appears, I can’t help but smile. Maybe it’s because he approaches me cheerfully. Rick always has good things to report. He looks…Read More

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