श्री गुरुदेव​

Salutations to the Supreme Guru!

A work such as Quiet Karma could not thrive or survive without the blessings of its inspiration. That inspiration is my Guru: Svāmī Gurupremānanda Sarasvati.

This work is dedicated to Him.

The Sanskrit word Guru is made of two parts: Gu and Ru.

Gu means darkness—the darkness of ignorance and suffering that so often engulfs the mind of every human being. Gu causes suffering—all the negative aspects of our existence. Suffering is not restricted to poverty, hunger, or the calamities we experience, like natural disasters or the events of terrorism. Suffering is much more personal. It’s experienced as fear, sadness, hatred, greed, selfishness, lust, anger, and lack of compassion for other beings. It’s the mental, internal suffering from which we human beings seek relief.

Ru means light—specifically the light that removes the darkness of suffering. Just as the sun rises each morning, removing the darkness of the night, the Guru removes the ignorance that causes our suffering.

Svāmī Gurupremānanda has removed the suffering in my life. It wasn’t an easy task! Like most aspirants, I clung to my own ideas about what life was and should be. His grace, his presence in my life, and especially his patience, resulted in the growth of this little flower that I still call “me.” Sunshine is needed for a flower to bloom.

May the light of my Guru’s grace shine on all who read here at Quiet Karma. May we all flourish and grow, radiating our light to others.

I am, sincerely His—and yours.

In Divine Love,
Svāmī Chityānanda Sarasvati

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