Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part III: Kumbhaka

Simple Breath Work for Stressful Times Caring for ourselves—body, mind, and spirit—might be more challenging these days. We’re all feeling the effects of social distancing and the change to our routines. Meditation helps us relax and see situations from various, possibly more helpful, perspectives. Still, despite our best intentions, it could be difficult to settle…Read More

sleeping meditation

Sleeping Meditation

You might have heard of the popular practice known as walking meditation. As the name suggests, it’s walking done with intent and purpose. But have you ever heard of sleeping meditation? This is a useful tool for spiritual aspirants. We’re always looking for ways to boost our practice. Many years ago, a young disciple asked…Read More

Yoga’s Mantra of Perfection and Peace

Years ago, I discovered this quote in yoga literature: “One should regard everything as good and auspicious, realizing that everything is the one Self.” Yoga Vasishtha VI:58 I often write favorite quotes on sticky notes. Then I place them conspicuously. I enjoy contemplating them. This quote has been especially helpful during challenging times. It’s not…Read More

inner witness

Discovering Your Inner Witness

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras begin with this statement: “Yoga is the control of thought-waves in the mind.” On first reading, you might think this remark is absurd. Isn’t it more likely that our thoughts control us? They arise without ceasing. Life’s challenges and frustrations run through our minds constantly—as if we could control them with more…Read More

the power of thought

The Power of Thought

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.” This quote is attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson, an American writer and philosopher, studied Indian texts like the Bhagavad Gita. He believed, as yogis do, that the world we experience is created by our thoughts. This principle is as old as humanity itself. Here’s…Read More

who are you

Who Are You?

  We wear many hats throughout our lives, filling different roles. These include our relationships, occupations, and activities. Additionally, we might strongly identify with our body, being male or female, tall or short, flexible or strong, fit or fat. As we observe our thoughts, we can see which roles and conditions prevail. One role might…Read More

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