advice for yogis dealing with stress

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part V: Stress

Yoga and meditation are often recommended for managing stress, as seen in “Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety,” an article published by Harvard Medical School. Yoga teaches us how to be mindful, aware of our thoughts. Our meditation practice boosts the mental strength we need. We can change our thought patterns when appropriate. Still, even the most…Read More

siilver linings

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part IV: Silver Linings

One of the most helpful benefits of our yoga practice is its effect on the mind. First, yoga increases our awareness. Then, we can watch our mind’s antics and change its direction when needed. In other words, yoga improves our outlook. The mental strength acquired through yoga helps us to see the broader, brighter side…Read More

shelter in place part II

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part II

Don’t Let Your Mind Go Wild We all daydream a little. Our minds are always making up stories. But did you ever let your mind roam freely and then find yourself in a place you didn’t want to be? Perhaps you imagined a conversation gone badly. Or maybe a mental misadventure that felt more like…Read More

shelter in place

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part I

Until the coronavirus and its immediate effects have passed, I’ve set aside my previous content plans for Quiet Karma. Those included a presentation of yoga’s basic principles. Instead, I’ll share smaller bits of advice—lessons I’ve learned through study and practice—that will help us get through this crisis together. As a young girl, I had the…Read More

A Welcome to Sincere Seekers

However you’ve landed here today, it’s because you are looking for something. You may be very successful from a material standpoint, having achieved success in your career and accumulated wealth. You may be surrounded by loving family and friends, and you may have made significant contributions to society. Or you may have traveled the world…Read More


श्री गुरुदेव​ Today’s world is full of information. We can know so much. What was once considered secret can be found on the Internet within a few minutes. Yet true wisdom is difficult to experience. This is especially true for the subject of yoga. All the secrets of the great yoga Masters are posted on…Read More


श्री गुरुदेव​ Salutations to the Supreme Guru! A work such as Quiet Karma could not thrive or survive without the blessings of its inspiration. That inspiration is my Guru: Svāmī Gurupremānanda Sarasvati. This work is dedicated to Him.

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