welcome sincere seekers

A Welcome to Sincere Seekers

However you’ve landed here today, it’s because you are looking for something. You may be very successful from a material standpoint, having achieved success in your career and accumulated wealth. You may be surrounded by loving family and friends, and you may have made significant contributions to society. Or you may have traveled the world…Read More


श्री गुरुदेव​ Today’s world is full of information. We can know so much. What was once considered secret can be found on the Internet within a few minutes. Yet true wisdom is difficult to experience. This is especially true for the subject of yoga. All the secrets of the great yoga Masters are posted on…Read More


श्री गुरुदेव​ Salutations to the Supreme Guru! A work such as Quiet Karma could not thrive or survive without the blessings of its inspiration. That inspiration is my Guru: Svāmī Gurupremānanda Sarasvati. This work is dedicated to Him.

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