Welcome, spiritual seeker.

However you’ve landed here today, it’s because you are looking for something. You may be very successful from a material standpoint, having achieved success in your career and accumulated wealth. You may be surrounded by loving family and friends, and you may have made significant contributions to society. Or you may have traveled the world and seen great and wonderful sights. Whether your life so far has been provided with such blessings or it has been one struggle after another, satisfaction is what you seek. And so you are here.

A Sanctuary for Spiritual Seekers

Quiet Karma is a sanctuary for spiritual seekers. Here you will find a path to peace and complete satisfaction—a place to find ultimate contentment. The beginning of the end of your search is here, and I welcome you with all my heart. I, too, have been a seeker. I know how it feels to have a full life and yet experience discontent.

All spiritual seekers need a path, and there are many paths to choose from. In fact, there are so many choices that most seekers become confused and frustrated. They might even abandon the thought of continuing their search for happiness. Worse, they try to follow many paths—like a spiritual smorgasbord. These types of seekers fall into an even greater sense of confusion. A common analogy is a man who puts one foot each in two boats. As the boats drift apart, he falls into the sea and drowns.

There is a wonderful verse in the Bhagavad Gita, paraphrased here: “There are many paths but only one goal.That one goal is commonly known as enlightenment. It is a state of perfect bliss and love, a living of one’s day-to-day life in the unending awareness that we are all a part of a Divine plan. It is a state of enjoying every moment because of the awareness of that perfection. That state does not experience doubt, fear, or loneliness. It is a state of perfect unity with the Divine.

The Eastern philosophies teach us that this state is our birthright. Practices and teachings are provided to lead us directly to the experience of the Divine. As we incorporate those teachings into our lives, we begin to experience, little by little, that promised state of perfect bliss and love.

Quiet Karma is a collection of these teachings being offered to you, the spiritual seeker. You may be of any religious or spiritual background to benefit from them. You are free to reject any of the teachings or practices if they do not feel in harmony with your own path. However, yogic teachings are not based on a religion; they are more science than religion, because they have been practiced and proven. And they fit, perhaps with some modification, into any belief system. Keep an open mind while you read the articles contained here; take what you like and leave the rest.

Quiet Karma includes inspiration, information, and practical techniques. I assure you that nothing here is new. The wisdom of the sages has been with us for a very long time. However, through the long-term instruction and guidance of my teacher and the constancy of my own practice, I’m able to offer you a fresh, new millennium perspective of the ancient teachings along with solid advice on how to live a spiritual life. I’ll do this with regular blog posts, a wealth of free information, home-study lessons, classes, and personal consultations.

I invite you to look around the site now and return frequently. It’s a living work with frequent additions and updates. Subscribe to the blog and feel free to make comments or ask questions. I am here to share your journey and make it smoother. It is my gift to you and how I contribute, quietly, to my own future karma.

Svāmi Chityānanda Sarasvati

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