shelter in place

Shelter in Place.

Until the coronavirus and its immediate effects have passed, I’ve set aside my previous content plans for Quiet Karma. Those included a presentation of yoga’s basic principles. Instead, I’ll share smaller bits of advice—lessons I’ve learned through study and practice—that will help us get through this crisis together.

As a young girl, I had the good fortune of joining the Girl Scouts. (A huge thank you to my mother who encouraged that membership!) The lessons I learned with my fellow Scouts served me throughout my life. We studied tools that helped us be safe, learned how to be good citizens, and were taught how to endure hardship. Our prime motto: be prepared.

As a young Scout, I didn’t know anything about “the spiritual path.” I dutifully attended Sunday School classes and respected The Ten Commandments. And the world seemed like a safe and friendly place.

Sometimes our youthful education is lost to memory. But now, under my community’s mandate of shelter-in-place, these lessons arise with clarity in my mind, like a reflection in a newly-cleaned mirror that was long covered in dust. I see how those old Girl Scout tools, my choice to live yoga as my spiritual path, and even Sunday School have molded the inner character that guides me during this worldwide crisis.

Today’s Suggestion:

If you’re like other world citizens today, you might have some unexpected time on your hands. Rest assured, that extra time will pass. Let’s take advantage of it now so we’re better prepared for the world that emerges after this crisis.

In the spirit of preparedness, I published this post in 2018. The article suggests how to use unexpected gifts of time:

A Gift of Time for Spiritual Practice

It’s my sincere wish that the nuggets of wisdom I share in the next several weeks will help you in some personal way. If so, please share them with others in your circle. Feel free to contribute helpful advice of your own, either in the comments section below or through the various links for social media. Let’s stay connected, as humans are so driven to do. We share similar concerns during this time. So let’s also share the life lessons that give us strength. We never know who needs to hear what’s worked for us.

Above all, stay positive. Look for the ever-present silver lining. And smile—to yourself and others. We’re on our way to better days!

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