The Best Time to Meditate

The winter months are behind us now. The days are growing longer and warmer. Winters have a quiet feeling, while nature rests. But spring inspires us to get moving again. There is increased energy in the longer hours of daylight. And we start to think about summer’s activities with our homes, families, and friends. Every…Read More

A Gift of Time for Spiritual Practice

Meditators know that every minute spent in practice is meaningful. Each moment takes us one step closer to our goal. No effort is ever wasted. That’s why we stay alert and watch for opportunities. Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the middle of a project, and suddenly the lights flicker and shut off….Read More

The Problem of Self-Forgetfulness

Scott Bolzan experienced a rare form of amnesia. As a retired football player he’d experienced many falls on the playing field. But a slip and fall in a public bathroom was the one that changed his life forever. The accident caused bleeding in his brain, damaging the area that holds long-term memories. After his accident,…Read More


Attachment: The Cause of Pain and Suffering

You might be familiar with the story of Gautama Buddha. Born a prince, he grew up protected within palace walls. Young Prince Gautama knew nothing of the realities faced by the common people. One day, out of curiosity, he wanted to see what lay outside his home. That’s when he discovered the horrible suffering experienced…Read More

how to learn sanskrit

How to Learn Sanskrit

Yoga is one of those things that grows on you. When you take your first yoga or meditation class, you don’t fully know what to expect. But a seed is planted. And that seed, when nourished, grows into a beautiful tree that sustains you for the rest of your life. A great way to nourish…Read More

advice for yogis dealing with stress

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part V: Stress

Yoga and meditation are often recommended for managing stress, as seen in “Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety,” an article published by Harvard Medical School. Yoga teaches us how to be mindful, aware of our thoughts. Our meditation practice boosts the mental strength we need. We can change our thought patterns when appropriate. Still, even the most…Read More

sun salutation

Welcoming the Sun: An Introduction to Sun Salutation

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a yogi in practice. What do you notice? When I do this, no matter which yogic posture comes to mind, I always conjure up an image with the sun in the background. It seems natural that yoga and the sun go together. Perhaps that’s why the Sun…Read More

siilver linings

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part IV: Silver Linings

One of the most helpful benefits of our yoga practice is its effect on the mind. First, yoga increases our awareness. Then, we can watch our mind’s antics and change its direction when needed. In other words, yoga improves our outlook. The mental strength acquired through yoga helps us to see the broader, brighter side…Read More


Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part III: Kumbhaka

Simple Breath Work for Stressful Times Caring for ourselves—body, mind, and spirit—might be more challenging these days. We’re all feeling the effects of social distancing and the change to our routines. Meditation helps us relax and see situations from various, possibly more helpful, perspectives. Still, despite our best intentions, it could be difficult to settle…Read More

shelter in place part II

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part II

Don’t Let Your Mind Go Wild We all daydream a little. Our minds are always making up stories. But did you ever let your mind roam freely and then find yourself in a place you didn’t want to be? Perhaps you imagined a conversation gone badly. Or maybe a mental misadventure that felt more like…Read More

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