Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part III (Kumbhaka)

Simple Breath Work for Stressful Times Caring for ourselves—body, mind, and spirit—might be more challenging these days. We’re all feeling the effects of social distancing and the change to our routines. Meditation helps us relax and see situations from various, possibly more helpful, perspectives. Still, despite our best intentions, it could be difficult to settle…Read More

shelter in place part II

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part II

Don’t Let Your Mind Go Wild We all daydream a little. Our minds are always making up stories. But did you ever let your mind roam freely and then find yourself in a place you didn’t want to be? Perhaps you imagined a conversation gone badly. Or maybe a mental misadventure that felt more like…Read More

shelter in place

Advice for Yogis Who Are Sheltered in Place, Part I

Until the coronavirus and its immediate effects have passed, I’ve set aside my previous content plans for Quiet Karma. Those included a presentation of yoga’s basic principles. Instead, I’ll share smaller bits of advice—lessons I’ve learned through study and practice—that will help us get through this crisis together. As a young girl, I had the…Read More

introduction to karma yoga

An Introduction to Karma Yoga

The goal of yoga, indeed the goal of every spiritual path, is enduring peace and joy. Who wouldn’t want freedom from anger, worry, or fears? We all strive for contentment, happiness that doesn’t wane. This perfect state is known by many names: God- or Self-realization, enlightenment, nirvana. Whether you’re new to the idea of supreme…Read More

introduction practice of silence

An Introduction to the Practice of Silence

Our home lost power several times last year. Everything running on electricity stopped working, and the house became eerily quiet. When the power outages were lengthy, I began to appreciate the silence. Then I wondered, “What would happen if I could as easily switch off the noises in my head? Would I cease to function…Read More

a yogis willpower

A Yogi’s Willpower, Part II

We all have goals, from fulfilling a lifelong dream to simply getting through the day during tough times. Willpower is one quality that moves us toward realizing our goals. In “A Yogi’s Willpower, Part I,” I introduced Paramahansa Yogananda’s article “Developing Dynamic Will.” There, he outlines five stages of willpower. This post relies on advice…Read More

a yogis willpower

A Yogi’s Willpower, Part I

Yogis know that our practices—spiritual, mental, or physical—are most effective when done every day. But how do we keep up such an exacting commitment? The answer: we must develop the desire and the power needed to succeed—willpower. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You might have heard this proverb from your elders. It tells…Read More

patience on the spiritual path

Patience on the Spiritual Path

When I was a little girl, my biggest wish was to go to Disneyland. Television commercials showed a wonderland of joy with cheerful characters at every corner. Even potentially scary rides were designed to delight. Visitors to Disneyland could expect their visit to be merry and memorable. In my mind it was the best destination…Read More


Mahendra Nath Gupta: “M”

All yoga masters are unique in their own ways. Many have colorful backgrounds with interesting stories. Some are miracle workers. Others speak and write with profound wisdom that lasts for generations. As true Gurus, these masters lead their disciples along the path to enlightenment. But no one knows how many disciples have themselves become masters….Read More

anandamayi ma quotes fault finding

The Habit of Fault-Finding: An Obstacle on the Path

Success on the spiritual path depends upon one thing—the sincerity of our intention. Our desire to find peace leads us to the path. Sincerity keeps us there. The Katha Upanishad tells us that the spiritual path is like a razor’s edge. Yogic texts and masters promise success in yoga. By sincere and focused effort, we’ll…Read More

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