the middle path

The Middle Path

Why the current fascination with extremes—extreme sports, extreme makeovers, extreme minimalism? Is it really necessary for us to prize things only in the extreme? Yogis and those on other spiritual paths know that extremes can be dangerous. They upset the valuable stillness of the mind. For example, it’s easy to understand this if you consider…Read More

a yogis willpower

A Yogi’s Willpower, Part II

We all have goals, from fulfilling a lifelong dream to simply getting through the day during tough times. Willpower is one quality that moves us toward realizing our goals. In “A Yogi’s Willpower, Part I,” I introduced Paramahansa Yogananda’s article “Developing Dynamic Will.” There, he outlines five stages of willpower. This post relies on advice…Read More


The Niyamas

Living yoga as a spiritual path is a journey. And it has a definite goal. Some people begin a journey just for the fun of it, like an adventure. Indeed, many yoga students begin with this in mind. You hear that yoga is good for your body. Then you discover that it also has some pleasant mental…Read More

the charmed life

The Yamas – Rules for Living a Charmed Life

Have you ever noticed that for some people, “everything is coming up roses”? In other words, they live a charmed life. These people always have everything they need. Prosperity drops into their laps without effort. They have more than enough time and money, friends, and good health. They live their lives and let blessings rain…Read More

A Gift of Time for Spiritual Practice

Meditators know that every minute spent in practice is meaningful. Each moment takes us one step closer to our goal. No effort is ever wasted. That’s why we stay alert and watch for opportunities. Has this ever happened to you? You’re in the middle of a project, and suddenly the lights flicker and shut off….Read More


How My Cats Made Me a Better Yogi

Our ashram in the Santa Cruz mountains has been refuge to many creatures. Three of them were stray cats: Emma, Kitti, and Stubby. They arrived at different times, desperate for food and shelter. We welcomed these sweet feline souls, and they lived out their lives with us. Kitti was the last to go. As we…Read More

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